Body treatment

  • Back Classic - 30 minutesfrom €35
    A massage that's designed to take the weight of your shoulders, loosen your knots and put a spring in your step.
  • Touched by the Sole - 30 minutesfrom €30
    Focus on your feet and experience deep relaxation and revitalisation. A remineralising foot scrub is followed by a massage of the feet, targeting vital energy and reflex points to soothe tired and aching feet.
  • Pure Aromatherapy Indulgence - 60 minutes€45
    This light to medium pressure full body massage is designed to suit your personal needs. Choose from a selection of aromatherapy oils which stimulate your senses and relax the mind.
  • Head Start - 30 minutesfrom €35
    This massage is great for de-stress and relaxation and for those who suffer from headaches as it releases tension in the head and shoulders. The treatment will also benefit your hair through the use of oils and a conditioning hair treatment.
  • Relaxation and Peace Massage - 60 minutesfrom €50
    A classic Swedish style massage using a blend of Jojoba and Almond oil to restore the skins elasticity, leaving a rich, velvety indulgent after feel. The pressure may be adapted to suit your personal needs.
  • Stress Recovery - 60 minutesfrom €50
    Designed to alleviate deep seated tension and muscular stress; specialised techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and ease common discomforts such as a stiff neck, lower back pain and sore tight shoulders.